Daycare FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Doggie Daycare

What is Doggie Daycare?

Doggie Daycare is supervised group play in our secure facility. Our staff monitors the interaction of the dogs to ensure that no one gets “bullied” and that all the dogs enjoy themselves. Daycare is a great release for high-energy dogs, a good socialization method for young or shy dogs, and just a lot of fun for all of our guests.

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What do the dogs do all day at Daycare?

We want all of our guests to enjoy themselves – so we offer wide variety of activities. We are bound to have something to entertain any dog.

  • Group play in either our large, securely fenced backyard – or in our climate controlled playrooms.
  • Some popular games include; chasing their friends, playing “king of the mountain,” fetching the ball, playing hide & seek, chewing on bones, enjoying a game of tug of war, wrestling with their pals, racing through the tunnels, or just lounging on the dog beds.
  • In the summer they enjoy; splashing in the pools, running through the sprinklers and soaking up some rays in warm weather!
  • One on one time with our staff for loving and belly scratches! Our older guests especially appreciate this time!
  • Reinforcement of basic good manners. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but they must remember their manners as well!
  • Yummy snacks! (If approved by mom and dad) On some days we even bake our own snacks for our guests.
  • Afternoon naptime! After a full morning of play, our guests get a short time to rest and refuel for an afternoon of fun. This helps them not “over do” it and keeps everyone much happier!

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Is there a minimum or maximum number of days my dog should come to daycare?

There is no minimum number of days that are required – however we recommend that dogs attend daycare at least one day a week. For many new dogs daycare can be a little stressful. By bringing your dog on a regular basis they get to know most of their doggie friends. If you skip visits the playgroup continues to grow and change and your dog may have a whole new group of friends to meet – this constant change can create undo stress for your dog.

On the other hand – five days a week can be too much activity and stimulation for most dogs. Owners often try bringing their dogs on different schedules at first, to see what works best for them and their dogs.

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Do you allow the little dogs and big dogs to play together?

We separate our playgroups by size and by temperament. We feel this is the safest for the little dogs that could get hurt accidentally just by playing with a larger dog.

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Do you feed the dogs while they attend daycare?

You are welcome to bring lunch for your dog if you feel they need it, but realize that they are usually so excited that they do not want to eat it. We do provide snacks during afternoon naptime – and you may choose to get a stuffed Kong for your dogs “lunch.”

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Will you give my dogs their medication?

We can give any medication needed, according to your instruction for NO additional charge.

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With such a large group of dogs playing together, do you have fights or injuries?

For the safety of your dog, our staff members constantly supervise the playgroups. We strive to maintain a low dog to staff ratio of 12-15 dogs per person. Staff members closely monitor the body language and attitude of the dogs. By doing this we stop most altercations before they actually start. When altercations do occur they are usually minor and no one is injured. We use squirt bottles and voice commands to redirect and prevent these situations from occurring. Some dogs need a short “time out” to cool off and calm down.

However, dogs are dogs and play like dogs! They play with their teeth and feet, and small nicks and cuts can happen. If a dog attending daycare is injured more seriously, medical treatment will be sought.

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How do you keep the facility clean with all the dogs coming in and out?

The staff of Dogs Unleashed Daycare cleans the facility daily with a special cleaner and disinfectant designed for use in pet care facilities. At the end of every day the toys, bowls and indoor play gyms are cleaned and disinfected. Our play yards are scooped multiple times a day and the playground equipment is cleaned regularly.

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How do I sign my dog up for daycare?

All of the dogs that attend Dogs Unleashed Daycare have completed a through application form. On this form we have a section of questions that help us get a feel of their personality, likes and dislikes. Then, each dog undergoes a closely supervised evaluation day before being allowed to be a “regular.”

During this time, our staff introduces the new dog to the playgroup one dog at a time. During these introductions, we carefully monitor their body language, and behavior. In particular, we are looking for dogs that enjoy meeting new dogs and are happy to be here. Through out the day the new dogs is introduced to more and more dogs until they are comfortable with the entire play group. For some dogs this is within hours of starting daycare, and for others this process may take a few visits.

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Is it always so loud?

Actually, during the day it is relatively quiet. The dogs do sometimes bark while playing, at the birds and planes flying overhead, or the livestock passing by in the field behind us. Fun barking is acceptable because dogs will be dogs, we do not however allow excessive or bully barking.

It can be loud during drop off and pick up times simply because everyone is excited that someone new is here. Just like your dog at home barking when someone comes to your door.

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Can I come back and play with the dogs?

No, for the safety of the dogs we do not allow you to enter the play areas. Our insurance policy also prohibits clients from interacting with the dogs

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What are your hours? When can my dog come and play?

We are open Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, and are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

You can drop your dog off anytime between 7:00 am and 12:00 pm. You can pick him up anytime between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm. There is a late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute late up to 20 minutes. If your dog is still in the building after 7:20 pm they will be boarded overnight at the your expense at twice the posted nightly rate.

We do not offer half-day play times. It is stressful for the dogs to have playmates constantly coming and going. It is also not fair to your dog to be ready to romp and play just as their playmates are winding down for the day. If you feel a full day might be too much activity for your dog, please let our staff know and we will give him/her an extended naptime in the afternoon.

Pick-ups and Drop-offs are available over the weekend for boarding guests only, but only when prearranged, since Dogs Unleashed Daycare is not open for business.

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What holidays are you closed for?

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Dogs Unleashed Daycare may also choose to close on lesser federal holidays if we have less than 10 reservations for daycare. If you would like to bring your dog on one of these holidays, make sure to let us know in advance.

More questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!

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