Fall is certainly a wonderful time and even the rains cannot overshadow the joy of the owner of the dog. But in order to remember the autumn with bright pleasant impressions, you need to take care of some important points regarding your pet.

To ensure that the pet does not fall ill in the fall and does not experience discomfort from being on the street, it is important to prepare it for the weather change and purchase the necessary items of clothing, medicines and vitamin supplementation in advance.

Struggle Against Parasites

At this time, the feeling of approaching colds causes the mites to show more activity. This is true not only in nature but also in cities. Accordingly, the risk of contracting piroplasmosis increases. It is a disease transmitted by ticks and extremely dangerous for a four-footed pet.

Molting Time

Autumn time is the traditional period of seasonal molting. A domestic dog needs the constant care of the coat, but during the molting season, this need becomes greater. To help your pet quickly get rid of dead hair, comb it out regularly. It is especially important to do this procedure for long-haired dogs.

Vitamins and a Healthy Menu

At this time you need to feed your pet with vitamins. Ask the veterinarian for a dosage that will suit your dog. The food should also be balanced and nutritious.

Walks Should Be Active but Not Too Long

If there is such an opportunity, try not to shorten the time of your dog’s walks much more than in summer. Walk at least an hour in the morning and evening, but do not forget that the dog should not freeze when the weather is bad. In heavy rain, wear a pet in a waterproof overall, and if it’s very cold outside, shorten the walk time.

Wet Paws

After each walk on wet streets, you need to wash paws with warm water. You can use a special shampoo for the paws. It is necessary to do this not only for the cleanliness of the apartment. Urban mud may contain chemicals that cause skin irritation, forming cracks and poorly healing wounds.

Be sure to follow these easy tips and you will be able to make your pet happy regardless of the weather and season!

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