If we tell you that the dog is almost a child, will you believe it? And just like a child, your dog needs attention, care and tendance all day and night. Of course, you can not sacrifice your work for this, but you can always use the service of doggy daycare. Day care means a kind of camp located in Dallas Fort Worth, TX where your dog will get attention, communication, development, and love, while you are busy at work. This is the best opportunity not to worry about your pet during your workday since your dog is in safe hands with us!

Instead of sitting home bored, contemplating what trouble they can get into; let them play all day with their buddies!

Dogs are pack animals by nature and most are happiest when interacting with other well-socialized dogs.

When the dogs arrive in the morning they say good-bye to mom and dad and head off to play with their friends. The dogs play in groups that are determined by their size and play style.

They spend the morning in our large, securely fenced backyard (weather permitting) just being dogs. Some popular games include; chasing their friends, playing “king of the mountain”, fetching the ball, playing hide and seek, chewing on bones, enjoying a game of tug of war, wrestling with their pals, racing through the tunnels, or just lounging on the dog beds. In the summer they enjoy; splashing in the pools, running through the sprinklers and soaking up some rays in warm weather!

After a full morning of play, our guests all settle in their own crate in our climate-controlled rooms for snack time and to refuel for an afternoon of fun. This helps them not “over do” it and keeps everyone much happier! Some of our guests use this time to visit our spa for a little pampering!

The afternoon is a slower paced version of the morning’s activities with more one on one time with our staff for loving and belly scratches! They play until mom and dad come to pick up these tired pups.

The attention and interaction they get while at Dogs Unleashed Daycare can help curb unwanted behavioral issues such as chewing, jumping, digging, barking and separation anxiety. Daycare for dogs will help your dog be well rounded, well adjusted and happy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 817-431-4400 or stop by our beautiful Keller, TX location and take a tour.


Full Day $24  
5 Visit Package $110 $22/day
10 Visit Package $200 $20/day
Discounts Multi-dog 20% off total


*All Daycare Guests receive a biscuit at naptime at no charge (If allowed)
*Dogs Unleashed Daycare Packages expire three months from date of purchase
*All dogs MUST be present to receive the Multi-dog family discount