With the help of teeth, dogs do everything that we do with the help of hands – including exploring the world around us. This means that the dog is trying to gnaw out all that is of interest. Unfortunately, in some cases, this behavior becomes a problem, as the dog destroys everything around. According to the law of meanness, these are the most expensive and favorite things of the owner.

Why Do They Do This?

Most puppies start chewing things when their teeth are chopped. When they grow up, they start gnawing toys during games or other things from boredom or following instinct. A dog can start chewing things in unfamiliar surroundings due to anxiety caused by separation. It can also be an attempt to attract the attention of the owner. The identification of the cause of this behavior is a key factor in its prevention.

The key mistake is to scream, beat or ignore the dog in case it spoiled any of your things. The best way you can follow is to bring it up competently. And we are here to help you!

If your dog chews everything, regardless of whether you are near or not, it may be due to boredom. Probably, she needs more games, physical activity to spend excess energy. Dogs Unleashed Daycare is ready to offer all these, and even more while you are busy at work or with your personal matters.

Just let your dog visit us and we will do everything possible to provide it with care and attention in order to get rid of this undesirable behavior! Please contact us at 817-431-4400!