Why it worth use boarding services of our company?

  • We provide the services inclusive rate.
  • We take into account the needs of your dog (such as taking medicine or following special diet).
  • We are able to keep your pet in warmth and comfort.
  • This is additional opportunity your dog to become socialized.

The service of dog boarding include:

  • daycare;
  • feeding;
  • games;
  • overnight stay.

Dogs Unleashed Daycare offers overnight boarding services seven days a week. During the week, the dogs enjoy a full day of daycare, and on the weekends, they get plenty of playtime too, so don’t worry… they’re still having tons of fun!

Since our overnight guests all attend daycare on a regular basis, boarding is just a slumber party with all of their friends in familiar surroundings. This eliminates the anxieties associated with a traditional kennel environment. At the end of the day they go into their private, appropriately sized crate for their comfort and safety. Most dogs look forward to a night of sleep because they are tired from a day of hard play. By morning, they are ready for another day of fun! When you pick your dog up, are happy and exhausted!

The boarding rates at Dogs Unleashed Daycare are all-inclusive. We don’t charge extra for special diets (refrigerating or heating food is not a problem), medication, potty breaks, play or cuddles. Just inform us your dog’s situation and will our best to accommodate it.

Sometimes there is a necessity to left a home for more than one day. In this cases, the owners of dogs begin desperately to think of whom to ask look after the dog at night. The answer is simple – just ask us help!


Standard $15/night in addition to daycare charge


*All boarding clients MUST also attend daycare – daycare rates apply