Our Collapsible Dog Dens have garnered a lot of attention lately. This attention has also brought forth a lot of questions too. We’ve created this page to help answer your questions and keep you up to date on our progress in bringing these awesome spacing saving devices to you!

Who makes these?

We do! We developed 30 of these for in-house use and testing.
Where to I buy these?

We are working with manufacturing partners now to bring them to the public as quickly as possible
How much do they cost?

The price is yet to be determined as we work with different manufacturers. We are aiming for a price point that is comparable with other, permanent type runs, with the added benefit of our double use of real estate.
What are they made of?

Our collapsible dog dens are made of antimicrobial High Density Polyethylene plastic (restaurant grade cutting board material), tempered glass and all metal parts are made of 300 series stainless steel. They will not rust or corrode.
Are they durable?

Extremely durable! Made of heavy grade commercial materials, they are designed to withstand everything hundreds of dogs can throw at them…and have! For two full years these kennels have performed extremely well with almost no issues.
Do they require much maintenance?

Our collapsible dog dens require little to no maintenance. Our designer hates to fix things and our founder wants the staff’s focus completely on the dogs. Therefore, our dog dens are designed to operate easily and flawlessly with little to no maintenance.
How is a dog daycare qualified to manufacture dog kennels?

Our collapsible dog dens were developed with Van Vleet Innovation, LLC having over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and design. If you think these are cool, just wait to you see what other pet care technologies we have in the works!!!
Are they easy to clean?

Yes. For in between dogs sanitation, we spray them with an alcohol based cleaner and wipe clean. For more stubborn spots, we spot scrub lightly with silicone dish scrubbers and then wipe clean. And for regular deep cleanings, they
are easily removed and taken outside a good power washing. This keeps them looking like brand new and your facility dry. Try that with traditional kennels or runs!
Are the dogs comfortable in them?

Yes. In fact, they enjoy their down time in these appropriately sized private spaces. From our years of experience in rescue, we fully endorse traditional crate training for appropriate lengths of time. But these are not traditional. They fold up out of the way to make more space for more out time!
Do you have different sizes?

Currently we only have the extra-large size in testing with a full range of sizes already designed. We use a limited number of traditional runs for occasional giant dogs.
Do the dogs go “mental” in them?

On the contrary. Dogs are den animals. Based on our experience in a free range environment, dogs will chose to separate themselves from the group to nap or otherwise limit sensory input with a confined space that is closed in on all five sides and with a view on the sixth. We have actually seen a decrease in dog stress and anxiety over the course of our testing period.
What type of floor do they have?

Our collapsible dog dens are open on the bottom to the existing floor. Our facility floors are commercial epoxy over concrete. Clients may provide their own crate pad or blanket, nothing too bulky as there’s nowhere for it to go when the den folds away.
Do you have a problem with naptime or overnight accidents?

No. All of our client dogs are house broken and most are crate trained as well. The rest quickly learn from the group. We have actually experienced a decrease in naptime and overnight accidents over our former traditional kennels and runs.
What stops accidents from running into their neighbor’s suite?

Our floors are gently sloped away from the walls to direct any possible accidents away from the dogs or their neighbors. This was achieved during the epoxy flooring process.
Can I get then for my home?

Currently our focus is on commercial design for daycares and boarding facilities. However, home use considerations are being taken into account during manufacturing design process.
What kind of lockers do you use?

We have also developed retractable lockers to keep all of our client dogs’ food and belongings close to where they sleep and eat to eliminate running back and forth to a feed room. These retract up and in to keep them out of reach of the dogs during play time. They descend down and out within easy reach of the staff at feeding time.
I’m sold! How can I know when they are available?

For serious inquires and updates on our progress and pricing, please contact Dogs Unleashed Daycare from the form below: