Dogs, parting with their owner, are experiencing a real heartache that they are trying to drown out by any means. Unfortunately, it is impossible to explain your pet that it needs to wait only a few hours or days, and you will be together again but you can correct this behavior.

Main Signs of Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are expressed in the behavior of the dog. Such behavior may include barking, howling, running around the apartment, destroying various items in the house, digging, chewing, and sometimes even urinating. Some dogs fall into a real panic, they begin to dig under the door, climb into the window to go outside and find their owner.

What to Do in This Case

It is very important to teach a dog who is afraid to be alone, to quietly endure such short separations with you, such as when you go out to the store nearby. To do this, create situations of short separation from time to time, but always remain calm and confident. This short parting with the dog can help to convince the dog that your absence will result in your return.

Dogs Unleashed Daycare Knows How to Help

The only advice that can be given in this situation is to train the dog. The fear of separation from the owner is a serious problem, contributing to the development of many additional problems, such as aggression or cowardice. And the best thing that you can do for your pet is to help it to develop self-confidence with our professional help.

Let your dog visit us and stay sure that it will calmly endure your absence in a friendly atmosphere!

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