The game is one of the favorite entertainment of dogs of all breeds. What can be more fun than running around the park, holding a fallen branch or ball in the teeth, chasing birds, studying puddles, lying in leaves or splashing in a pond?  However, in order for the dog to receive the proper emotional and physical development, you need to offer the right games to it.

What to do Outdoor with Your Dog

There is plenty of space and opportunities to play on the street, so more interesting and large-scale games are available outdoors.

  • Running, which the pet always considers a game, is an active and fun process. During such pastime, the animal develops strength, endurance, agility, attention, if the owner constantly changes the pace of movement, as well as direction.
  • Jumping over obstacles. A sports zone where there are any devices is perfect. In the wood or park, a fallen tree can serve as an obstacle.
  • Running between the trees. First, you need to show what the dog needs to do, running around with trees with a delicacy. If you exercise often enough, you can gradually increase the complexity.
  • Search for a person. You can hide from your dog together with your friends, and then someone should order to look for. The main thing is that the dog does not see where the people are hidden.
  • Many dogs run after the laser, this can be used to play with it. It is especially interesting to play if there are several dogs.

Some Ideas to Play at Home

Here are some opportunities to realize at home.

  • You can create an improvised tunnel by setting the chairs in one line and covering with a blanket. On the reverse side, you need to place some kind of stimulus or simply call a pet.
  • The dog needs to be left in the room and you should close the door without closing it on the latch. Go to another room and call the dog. Exercise is easy when the doors move outward.
  • Rolling the ball. Take a big and pretty heavy ball. Slowly roll it towards the dog. The ball must not bounce. If the dog pushes it back with its nose or paws, praise it.

With the right approach, it is quite easy to play a game with a dog. If you succeed, try to get the most out of the game and teach your pet useful skills.