Anomalous heat in the summer, which has become a frequent phenomenon today, badly affects not only people but also our pets. Different breeds adapt to heat differently. We have collected the most common tips on how to save your dog from an extreme heat.

Walking in The Heat

When there is the hot weather the time of walking in the afternoon should be excluded or minimized. The optimal mode of walking is early in the morning and in the evening after 7PM. If there is a need to go out with the dog during the day, avoid the open sun and do not walk longer than 10-15 minutes.

Access to Water

A bowl of water in the heat should be constantly full. Vets recommend placing water throughout the apartment so that it is as accessible to the dog as possible. And try to change the water as often as possible – it should be fresh and cool.

The Diet of The Dog in The Heat

During the heat, it is necessary to exclude heavy and fatty food from the dog’s diet. It is allowed to keep the dog on a sour-milk diet (provided that there are no contraindications or individual intolerance). For an adult animal, you can reduce feeding to 1 time per day.

Wet Dog’s Head and Paws

Regardless of whether the dog is in the street or indoors, during the hot season, it is necessary to moisten the paws and head with cool water several times a day (making sure that the water does not get into ears).

In the Car

During the trip in the car, it is desirable to open the windows, and not to turn on the air conditioner, because a sharp change of temperature from the heat to the cool is dangerous not only for the dog but also for the owner. Otherwise, both of you can easily catch a cold.

Additional Coolness

It is worth to buy a cooling mat in the pet store. It is made of a special material that does not heat up from the body of the dog, which gives it the opportunity to travel comfortably even in the heat. Under it, you can put freezers. Usually, such a rug is put in the box where the dog is during the journey.

All these simple and affordable measures do not require any special expenses or knowledge. But in the complex, they will help to save the dog during the heat, on a trip, on the beach or at an exhibition, which often takes place on open areas without a shadow.

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