If the dog lives in an apartment or in a private house and is allowed to visit all the rooms, the skill of the dog to calmly bathe will allow you to avoid total dirt throughout the house. Dogs Unleashed Daycare will tell you how to make your dog love the bath time or at least stay calm during the procedure.

The Start of Training

Of course, many dogs are simply predisposed to fear of water, but even they can be taught to calmly endure water procedures. The owner of the dogs needs to remember that you need to teach the dog to bathe from an early age. A small puppy needs to regularly wash its paws, even if it is not required, only to get used to the process. Frequent repetition of the procedure will make it habitual and non-traumatic.

The Correct Sequence of Actions

  • You need to start with simply placing the dog in an empty bath or tub in which the procedure is usually performed. Let the dog sit for a while in this place. No water, only the calming voice of the owner, stroking and sweets.
  • At the same time, the command is repeated, with which the washing will later be connected, for example, “Bathe” or any other that the host will choose for this action. The word itself should evoke positive emotions and expectation of delicacy. Then you can pour warm water from the tap in a thin stream. Water temperature should be medium, not too hot and not cold.
  • The usual and correct sequence of actions is very important. One of the mistakes is to immediately wet the dog’s head. This is very unpleasant for the dog, as it prevents your pet from opening its eyes and breathing the nose. First, wet and wash the paws, then apply shampoo to the body, and rinse with water.  Then wash the neck, and then proceed to the head. All movements should be neat, unsharp. Let the dog take a comfortable position: lie down, stand up or sit down. Next time, do not force events and do everything in a single sequence, ensuring that the animal calmly treats the event.

At the same time show persistence and firmness if the dog wants to run away, slip out of your hands, put the front paws on the edge of the bath, but do not scold the dog and shout at it.

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