The upbringing of dogs, socialization, and training begins at an early age and continues throughout life. The dog should learn, analyze, and if necessary, and adapt to different conditions; you as beloved master and leader should help it in this.

Steps Towards the Socialization of Your Puppy or Dog

Interaction is the key to socialization. Dogs need interaction not only with their owners but also with other people and animals. From the very beginning, the dog needs to be integrated into the family.

Any interaction with the dog, whether it is still a puppy or an adult, suggests positive encouragement. When your pet behaves correctly – reward it. The reward will be an incentive to repeat the correct behavior, consolidate it and develop a corresponding habit.

Socialization Towards Other People

The fruitfulness of the socialization of a dog in human society depends on the frequency of its contacts with a person. If you limit the communication of the dog with people, especially at the age of up to one year, the pet can express a wary attitude or even fear of other people. Pay attention: it is not necessary to accustom a dog to show love and devotion to everyone you meet – you and members of your family are quite enough. But you must teach the dog to an adequate, calm and practically indifferent attitude towards strangers.

Communication with Other Dogs

In order for a puppy to learn social skills, it needs to have the opportunity to interact with other dogs in a friendly way. Communication, games are necessary for the animal, it needs the same animals as he is. This communication needs to be given to the dog on time, otherwise, the moment will be missed, and you will grow a hermit, for whom it will be more difficult to live than for other representatives of his species. In order to perform this task, the garden for dogs with daycare is excellent. This institution completely solves all issues of socialization (and we can help as well).

Be sure, your efforts will necessarily come true, and you will grow a friendly social dog, whose life will be interesting and fun.

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