It’s been a long time ago when pets needed only the collar and leash. Today, fashion brand companies create their collections for both people and animals. However, the opinions of dog owners on this issue are quite contradictory. Some believe that clothing is an absolute excess, while others believe that it is necessary to dress a dog, and even it is vital. We decided to find out what are the pros and cons of dressing a dog.

Positive Functions of Clothing

Protection. Short hair and modest sizes do not allow miniature creatures to normally maintain the temperature regime. In the cold season, such animals can become seriously ill due to hypothermia.

Less dirt. In addition to protection from low temperatures, clothing reliably protects from dirt and moisture on the street. It is much easier to wash a dirty thing than to wash the dog thoroughly.

It will protect your pet from cuts and scratches about all sorts of sharp objects. Clothing saves dogs of hunting breeds which are sometimes too curious from burdocks, thorns, insects and various wounds.

Style. The development of the fashion industry has generated a large number of variations of different outfits for any animals. So clothes for dogs can emphasize their gender (dresses, skirts, suits) or be universal (overalls, jackets, sweatshirts).

What Are the Possible Drawbacks?

The possibility of allergy, itching or irritation. The material must be breathable, water-repellent and non-blowing. It is desirable to choose a product that does not deform after washing.

The possibility of overheating. In winter, larger dogs with thick and dense hair do not need clothes. They will be very uncomfortable if you put on a jumpsuit or a vest. They can simply “overheat”. The fur of such animals is already genetically arranged so as to protect them from cold temperatures.

A beautiful outfit does not mean functionality and safety. Choosing between beauty and convenience, always choose the second. Superfluous details can create discomfort for the dog, so give preference to simple functional models without extra strings, buttons, plaits, fringe.

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