Boarding Dates: Please write AM (before 12:00) or PM (after 2:00)

    Pickup and drop-off times: 7am-12pm and 2pm-7pm M-F, 9-10AM Sat. and 5-6PM Sun.

    ** Remember: Boarding Check In Time is After 2:00 pm and Check Out Time is Before 12:00 pm to Avoid Additional Daycare Charges. **

    Feeding instructions:

    We prefer that you bring you own food to avoid stomach upset. Please place enough food for your dog’s stay with us (no large bags) in an airtight container and have it clearly labeled with your dogs name & last name. Please add $3.00 per day if feeding food provided by us.

    (We feed twice daily & recommend our guest that only eat once a day at home eat twice a day here due to the rigorous daily activities)

    I want my dog to have the following services while boarding at Dogs Unleashed Daycare:

    Basic Bath - $15.00:

    (shampoo/rinse only)

    Premium Bath - $30.00:

    (shampoo/conditioner/nail trim)

    Nail Trim - $10.00:

    Tooth Brushing - $10.00:

    ** Additional charges may apply for dogs with mats, long hair and/or unruliness. **

    **I agree to pay nightly boarding at the agreed upon rate of $15.00 a night in addition to rates of $24.00 per day.

    All Boarding Clients MUST Attend Daycare - Daycare Rates Apply

    ** I agree to pay a flat fee of $25 if I pickup my dog outside of Dogs Unleashed Daycare’s posted operating hours. (Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm). I understand that even for a fee, I may not be able to pick up my dog outside of the posted times. I also agree that if for any reason I am
    unable to pick up my dog at the above listed time I will contact Dogs Unleashed Daycare. In the event that I do not contact the facility I agree to pay twice the posted nightly rate for each night my dog stays beyond the agreed upon pick up date.

    ** Dogs Unleashed Daycare reserves the right to change your dog’s type of boarding/daycare if we think it is necessary to protect his/her well being, including but not limited to size of enclosure, amount of playtime, bedding allowed etc.

    ** Dogs Unleashed Daycare cannot guarantee that toys, blankets and/or beds will be returned in the condition that they were brought in. All of these things must be clearly marked with your dog’s name. Dogs Unleashed Daycare will provide these things; so if you love the item do not leave it with your dog.
    For safety reasons certain items (rawhides etc.) will not be left with your dog overnight.

    I have read this form in its entirety and agree to its terms. Submitting this form I verify that this information is true to the best of my knowledge.