Probably, any dog owner sooner or later faces the need to leave his pet for several days or even weeks. However, the dog needs not only timely feeding during separation from the owner. The dog needs activity, walks, games, and most importantly – attention.

We understand that it is impossible to refuse from a scheduled vacation and working trips.  And among friends, not everyone dares to live temporarily with a dog, especially if it is a representative of a large breed and not a sofa little dog.
In such cases, a Doggie Daycare & Boarding services from Westlake, TX will be the best way out of the situation. It’s like a summer camp, just for dogs and it works all year round.

Services We Can Offer to Your Dog

  • Daycare. You can work calmly and not be afraid that the dog will destroy your house in your absence.
  • Boarding. If you need to leave for a few days, your dog can get a comfortable overnight stay with us.
  • Spa-services. If during the day the dog got dirty, or the bad weather was outside, we will return it to you clean.

Our employees:

  • have many years of experience in training, raising and caring for dogs;
  • know how to handle and fulfill all the needs of the animal;
  • love dogs – big and small, purebred and ordinary!

We invite all dog owners from Westlake, TX to visit us already today. We are waiting for you!



“Our dog Baxter loves this place! We take him a few days a week and he practically drags us in because he is so excited to go play. Great people that work here and are always friendly when we visit! Highly recommend this place!”
“I adore this place. The owner and staff are super-friendly and supportive! I’m so picky about where my girls can stay. They do great with my super-shy, anxiety girl. She is so happy to go and play for the day. My rambunctious 4 year old comes home tired after playing all day!”
“Lauren and the rest of the folks down here are awesome. Take care of and love on your pooch, probably better than I do. They are a great business I have no problem recommending.”

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